total relax

no words needed, right ?

meet the dolphins

early morning, calm sea, not many boats around - there is a good chance you will see the dolphins !

there are no words to describe how we felt while playing them - PURE JOY might do it best.

check out our instructions on how to behave around dolphins and you will be able to enjoy their company like we did !

school trip

looking for that new, fun and exciting school trip? this is it....

as you can see, college from Switzerland is having a wonderful time

perfectly tanned

is there any better way to get tanned then on a boat, with a light breeze, perfect view... ?

I guess not.

just swimming ? noooo.....

wanna have some fun while slowly sailing towards your next bay ?

tie a line to the stern of the boat, hold it and let yourself be's a special kind of wellness

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