Save the Adriatic dolphins

About the bottlenose dolphins and how to behave around them...


Dolphins and whales have been under legal protection in the Adriatic Sea since 1995. The act prohibits any form of harassment of these marine mammals or killing them. Yet, results of recent studies have shown that the Adriatic dolphins urgently need additional protection. The collection of data regarding the Adriatic dolphins allows the health of this population to be monitored, and thus the initiation of rescue measures in time.

Please help these marine mammals to survive in the Adriatic Sea. If you see anything unusual, in particular stranded, injured or dead dolphins, please contact the following telephone numbers: +385 1 2390 250 or +385 91 5319 702.


How to behave around dolphins ?

  • Do not chase them or navigate streight at them
  • If you want to get close to them, do it very slowly, navigating along with their route – sudden changes of course or speed can agitate and disorientate them
  • The engine of your yacht should be in neutral or better turned off
  • For your and their safety – avoid diving and swimming with dolphins
  • Do not feed the dolphins
  • When leaving, accelerate gradually only when you are at least 30m from from the dolphins


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