About the island

Apart from natural beauties and historical monuments, Badija also features the traditional procession of Our Lady of the Angels - Perdun. The procession proceeds on the sea with the votive picture of Our Lady of the Island (2nd of August)...

BADIJA is a small island in the eastern part of the Peljeac Channel. The Jezevica Channel separates Badija from the island of Korcula. The southern coast provides anchorage for medium-sized vessels, while smaller vessels may be berthed west of the monastery.

The name Badija originates from the Latin name abbatia: abbey. A small church of St. Peter stood here and in 1368 the island was mentioned as "Sco-leum sancti Petri"; the capitals (8th/9th c.) of four columns that support the small roof of the balcony on the south-western corner of the present monastery probably belonged to that church. In 1392 the area was inhabited by the Franciscans from Bosnia, who were granted a plot of land by the Korcula municipality, to build a monastery there. Later on, the entire island was bestowed upon them.

The present monastery and the one-nave church were built in the late Gothic style, after 1420. The portal lunette comprises the figure of Our Lady with Child and two saints, an early Renaissance work by Korula stonemasons. In front of the church are several gravestones (according to sources also the grave of Hranic Dragosevic, one of the constructors of the bell tower of the Korula cathedral from the 15th c.). The cloister with arcades, finished in 1477, has preserved all features of Dalmatian Gothic. The monastery was reconstructed in 1909 and in 1950 converted into a sports camp. On a hill above the monastery is a small church of St. Catherine from the 15th-16th century.



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