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Dundo forest - one of the rarely preserved forests in the Mediterranean...

The peninsula of Kalifront is famous for its Holm oak, which can be found in the forest Dundo, one of the rarely preserved forests on the Mediterranean. It is also the most important forest on the island of Rab. In 1949 the forest Dundo was declared a natural rarity and it was placed under the protection of the Department for Natural Heritage Protection in the category of "special reserve forest - botanical reserve" (forest vegetation). - Holm oak (Quercus ilex) is an evergreen oak which can reach thousand years of age. A few impressive examples are preserved in the forest Dundo.

PENINSULA KALIFRONT is situated on the south-western side of the island. The characteristic of the peninsula of Kalifront is its carst relief and the well-indented coast with numerous beautiful sea bays. It is the greenest part of the island of Rab covered with extraordinary Holm oak forest and it is also the largest woodland area. The length is 9 km from the cape of Kalifront to the cape of Frkanj. The width is 3 km from the cape of Planka to the bay of Kampor. The sea altitude is 50-70 m and the highest point is the area of Plogar 94 m. The coast is mainly low and rocky.

PATH OF PREMUZIC ON PENINSULA KALIFRONT It begins left from the source of Pidok and follows a mild slope. The path then reaches the entrance of the special reserve forest Dundo - botanical reserve (forest vegetation). It crosses the asphalt road to Dundo and extends along a private forest, which is enclosed by stonewall. It finally reaches the forest-ranger's cottage Dundo and ends in the Bay of Christopher.



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