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Paklenica National Park is one of the most attractive natural phenomena in Croatia...

PAKLENICA, a national park (since 1949) in the south-eastern part of the Velebit littoral slope, close to Starigrad; area102 sq km; comprises one of the largest forests of the Mediterranean and two picturesque canyons (with outstanding karst phenomena), Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica.

Velika Paklenica is at the same time the riverbed of the brook of the same name, especially during heavy rainfalls and when snow starts to melt. The brook disappears underground. Steep slopes of the canyon are up to 400 m high. The canyon is wider at a point called Anica Kuk (714 m); there is also a large meadow, one of the favourite destinations of mountaineers.

On the opposite side of the valley is Maniti Zub, a protruding peak of karst formation. Here is also the entrance into the best known cave of the region, Manita Pec (length 175 m; two larger halls with stalagmites and stalactites). In the hamlet of Parici is a mountain lodge (550 m). Velika Paklenica is separated from Mala Paklenica (length 7 km) by a 500-m high plateau. Mala Paklenica may be reached from Seline, 2 km southeast of Starigrad.

Paklenica National Park is one of the most attractive natural phenomena in Croatia. The beginnings of mountaineering date back to the 1930s. Paklenica is a challenge to numerous mountaineers and has become a worldwide known mountaineering attraction. However, its magnificent beauty and charm is not enjoyed only by hikers and mountaineers but also by a number of excursionists, nature-lovers, flora and fauna enthusiasts. Apart from walking and hiking, one can also enjoy horseback riding and mountain biking.

A visit to the National Park may be combined with bathing in one of the picturesque places of the Paklenica riviera. The National Park management is seated in Starigrad, the centre of the riviera, where one can obtain all information about Paklenica, trails, organized tours and excursions, tourist-guides, and other information.



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