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Susak is a "sandy" island, famous for viniculture and its unique national costumes...

Susak is a "sandy" island, famous for viniculture. Due to isolation of this island community, the local population differs in speech, customs and national costumes from the inhabitants of the surrounding islands, which makes Susak one of the richest sources of folklore and heritage in Croatia - Susak is especially famous for its unique national costumes. A sand beach is located next to the village.

SUSAK is an island with the village of the same name in the Kvarner group of islands, west of Losinj. Until 1910 the island was called Suak. In natural features, Susak stands out among the Croatian islands. The limestone bedrock of the island is covered by tens of metres thick layers of fine and fertile sand. In its north-eastern part, the highest peak of the island reaches 98 m. The coastline is 11.5 km long.

On the eastern side of the island, in a spacious cove called Dragoa, lies the only settlement, consisting of an older part, on the edge of a sand terrace, and the newer, harbour part along the coast. Next to the present church of St. Nicholas was a Benedictine monastery from the 11th century (remains visible north of the church); the church houses a Romanesque wooden carved crucifix, the so-called large Buoh from the 12th century. One-room dwellings, built in dry construction technique, are found on Susak and the neighbouring islets of Vela and Mala Srakana.



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