About the lake

Vransko Jezero (Vransko Lake) is one of the famous freshwater fishing grounds in this part of Europe today...

VRANSKO JEZERO (VRANSKO LAKE), a lake and cryptodepression in Ravni Kotari, northeast of Pakostane; area 30.1 sq km (length 13.6 km, width up to 2.2 m, depth up to 3.9 m).

The water, supplied by the Skorobic brook and several springs, flows beneath the ground and through the artificial canal Prosika (850 m) into the bay of Pirovac. The highest summits in Ravni Kotari (Standarac, 305 m), offering a nice view on the hinterland and the coastal strip, rise along the north-eastern, forested shore of the lake.

The lake is rich in fish (carps, mullets, eels, etc.). The area offers fine angling and wading birds hunting opportunities (egret, yellow egret, small white egret, cackling cuckoo, wild ducks and grebes). The area comprising 30 hectares is designated a special ornithological reserve. The easiest access to the lake is from the main road at Pakostane (400 m) or from Prosika.

Today one of the famous freshwater fishing grounds in this part of Europe, known among Australians, Germans, Italians and other nations. Fishing can be individual or organized, as well as excursions to the lake.



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