About the island

Zverinac is a recommended destination for those who prefer peaceful and quiet vacations. The place is especially attractive to boaters...

ZVERINAC is an islet in the Zadar archipelago between the island Veli Tun and the northern coast of Dugi Otok (Long Island). On the western coast are the coves Kablin and Zverinac, the harbour of the only village, which bears the same name.

The islet is largely under thick underbrush. Main occupations include farming, viticulture, olive growing, fruit growing, fishing and tourism. Zverinac has a ferry line with the neighbouring islands and with Zadar.

The island was first mentioned in 1421, under the name of Suiran it used to be a possession of the noblemen from Zadar. The village has the Baroque palace of the Fanfogna family from 1746. In the Poripisce cove, the remains from the Roman times have been found.



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