About the island

Deep water currents make the sea especially clear. This, together with a variety of home-made specialities and island aloofness contribute to a special atmosphere...

ZIRJE is an island in the Sibenik archipelago. The sea west of Zirje is rich in fish. On the northern coast of the island are the coves of Mikavica, Muna, Koromasna and Japlenisce. The coves of Kabal, Mala and Vela Stupica, Krusevica, Tratinska, Velika and Mala Nozdrva are located on the southern coast.

Winters are mild, summers are dry and warm; the island is exposed to northerly and southerly winds. The only bigger village on the island is Zirje, situated somewhat away from the coast; a road connects the village with the cove of Muna on the northern coast, where the hamlet of Muna is located as well.

On the hills Gradina and Gustijerna there were fortifications from the period of late antiquity and the early Byzantine period (6th c.); the high Gradina wall is a battlemented wall, and it was once fortified with five towers. The fortifications were a part of the defence system built by Emperor Justinian (527-565) in order to control and safeguard the navigation.



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