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Prvic features nice beaches, with clear and clean seawater - according to continuous sampling, the cleanest in the Adriatic...

PRVIC, an island in the Sibenik archipelago, 1.6 km southeast of Vodice. The island is separated from the nearby mainland by a narrow channel (950 m). It consists of two ridges, with valleys in between. The island descends very mildly into the sea toward the north-east and abruptly toward the south-west. The villages are Prvic Luka and Prvic Sepurine. Main occupations are farming, growing of vines and olives, fishing and tourism.

Both villages, Luka and Sepurine, feature nice beaches, with clear and clean seawater (according to continuous sampling, the cleanest in the Adriatic). Prvic offers ideal opportunities for sports fishing and submarine photographing.

The village of Prvic Luka features the church and monastery of Our Lady of Charity, built in the second half of the 15th century and later reconstructed on several occasions; in the church is thetomb of Faust Vrancic (1551-1617). The Franciscan monastery from 1461 was restored in 1884. In the field is the church of St. Ambrose, with Romanesque-Gothic features, later considerably reconstructed. In the village of Prvic Sepurine is the church of St. Helena, with a richly adorned -wooden Baroque altar. - On the northern side of the island is the Baroque summer mansion of the Draganic-Vrancic family, which keeps several works of art, among them also a portrait of Faust Vrancic from 1605.



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