About the island

Visitor's opportunities of Premuda include lush vegetation, natural coves, peacefulness and tranquillity (there are no cars on the island)...

PREMUDA is an island with the village of the same name, situated in the Zadar archipelago, southwest of Silba, separated from it by the Silba Channel, and northwest of Skarda.Off the north-western coast are the islets of Lutronjak and Kamenja.

Numerous coves are submerged parts of short, dry, transverse valleys; the largest of them are Premuda and Zaporat on the south-western coast, well protected from the bora. Southeast of the cove of Zaporat, the coast descends abruptly to the sea on some places.

The island village of Premuda is situated in the interior of the northern part of the island. Except for a small source of brackish water in the cove of Loza, there are no other sources or surface water streams on the island. Premuda is largely covered with underbrush and low woods. Main occupations are farming, growing of vines, olives and fruit, fishing and tourism.



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