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Stara Novalja is a quiet place preferred by families...

STARA NOVALJA, a village in the cove of the same name in the north-eastern part of the island of Pag, 5 km north of Novalja. Economy is based on farming, viniculture, fishing and tourism.

The cove of Stara Novalja is the submerged part of the Pasko-Dinjiska valley. Its coasts are steep, with an exception of those on the south-eastern side, where the coast turns into the fertile Novalja field. The deepest point is at the entrance into the cove (38-47 m); toward the inner part the depth is lower, being 10.4-11.4 m near the south-eastern coast. Stara Novalja is well-protected from both the bora and the sirocco. The safest dock for larger ships is located south of the cove called Drljanda, where the depth reaches 27-38 m. Smaller ships and yachts drawing up to 3.5 m are docked along the external part of the jointed pier (in front of the village).

Since the ferry harbour was relocated to Zigljen (except in some extraordinary weather conditions), Stara Novalja has become a quiet place which offers accommodation facilities in private homes, as well as lodging and boarding services. As such it is preferred by families. The major event is the feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul (29th of June).

In the vicinity of Stara Novalja are remains of antique walls, a late antique necropolis, ruins of the pre-Romanesque church of the Holy Cross.



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