About the island

Major attractions of the island of Kaprije are its very indented coast, olive-groves and vineyards. There are no cars on the island, which makes Kaprije an ideal place for peaceful vacations...

KAPRIJE is an island in the central part of the Sibenik archipelago, between the islands of Zmajan and Kakan, separated from them by the Zmajan and Kakan channels. The highest peak of the island is Vela Glavica (132 m).

Larger coves are Jelinjaca, Gacice and Vanjska. There are no surface water streams on the island, which is generally covered with grasses and low underbrush. Smaller plots of arable land may be found in valleys, which also comprise olive-groves and vineyards.

The only settlement, Kaprije, lies on the south-western coast of the island. The hamlet of Medos on the north-eastern coast is occasionally populated by the inhabitants of Murter who have their lands there.

In the 19th century the island was owned by the aristocratic family Ljubic from Sibenik and from 1500 by the aristocratic family Divnic (Difinico). The first settlers on the island were mentioned in the 15th century. From 1510 Kaprije was the shelter of the refugees from the mainland, who fled from the Turks. The church in Kaprije dates back to the 16th-17th century.



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